Coaching One on One

I have coached entrepreneurs of existing businesses, and ones just starting up, CEO's of non-profit organizations, mid-level fortune 500 leaders, and retirees ready and desiring a "third act."  What tends to be the commonality between the individuals I work with is their readiness to create and make significant movement in their lives.  This doesn't necessarily mean that they always feel ready and/or have clarity where they want to go.  They just know it's time and that there is something more for them to do.  Now.

I feel especially called to work with individuals in the "middle" of their careers and life.  These are leaders that have created a significant amount of success as it relates to building out their career and have found themselves at a personal plateau.  This could be coming forward as feeling stalled in their path and not knowing how to move up or on, or perhaps their feeling a bit lost, because all of sudden what they've been doing for 5, 10, 15 years is no longer a fit.  This can be scary and uncomfortable, and yet it's arriving to offer a new level of learning AND a new level of living