Imagine a place where you SEE the fullness of who you are, the beauty that your having been born breathes into the world, a place where you no longer question your gifts, your thoughts, your feelings, or your reason for being.

Imagine a place where you FEEL safe to ask the unanswered questions, to connect into deeper parts of yourself that have been quietly calling you.

Imagine a place where you can rest in your own conscious breath and ATTUNE to your highest wisdom.

Imagine this place with other liberated and inspired women holding and reflecting a VISION for you and all that it means for you to be wholehearted in your femininity and authenticity.

This is…

The Sacred Feminine Circle

The Sacred Feminine Circle is an invitation for women to fully invite and integrate into their sacred feminine embodiment.  Within this space she will be held, seen, challenged, inspired, broken open, and soothed. This will be a touchstone, an experiential reference point for her to know all of what is available within her own Self.  She will breathe life into aspects she wasn’t aware of and will experience a homecoming where she will meet the source of all that she embodies…her feminine loving beautiful heart.

Neha and Jennifer are co-creating, co-leading, and co-facilitating a four-month intimate virtual online experience. Twelve women will have the opportunity to explore, deepen in, and celebrate their unique feminine essence. Starting in October, we’ll use the quiet of the Fall and Winter months to support each of you in this courageous reflection and opening into the heart of your femininity. You will experience a powerful curriculum that will support you to discover and honor who you are as a woman in this world and to use that awareness to launch a brave new you to create and take inspired action in 2017!

In the Sacred Feminine Circle, You will

  • Identify and release blocks that take up precious space within your mind and body.
  • Deepen your connection with your body and its internal wisdom.
  • Step into a greater level of honesty and strength within yourself.
  • Express greater compassion for yourself and others.
  • Learn to trust the answers within you instead of seeking them externally.
  • Create rituals that infuse your life with the sacred.
  • Cultivate connections with other openhearted and courageous women.
  • Awaken deeper dimensions of your Self that lie dormant within, discovering the beauty, radiance and authenticity that is You.

The Sacred Feminine Circle experience includes:

  • 7 intimate 90-minute Virtual Group Sessions with transformative monthly focuses that have been specially created to support learning and deepening as we go (October 2016 – January 2017)
    • October: Release and Reflect
    • November: Connection and Gratitude
    • December: Celebration
    • January: Rebalance, Recalibrate, and Regenerate
  • Recordings of all sessions that are available for viewing 24/7
  • Private Coaching Sessions 
  • Independent and group exercises that are interactive and experiential in nature
  • An intimate setting with a powerful circle of women
  • An honoring of who you are as a Woman in this world 

Program Outline

Part One: Release + Reflect
Session 1: Spaciousness (Oct 8)
Session 2: The Sacred Feminine (Oct 22)

Part Two: Connection + Gratitude
Session 3: Connection with the Divine (Nov 5)
Session 4: Connection with Self and Others (Nov 19)
Bonus: Miraculous Gratitude

Part Three: Celebration
Session 5: Celebration + Completion (Dec 10)
Bonus: Seeding

Part Four: Recalibrate + Renew
Session 6: Regenerate (Jan 7) 
Session 7: Upper Limits (Jan 21)
Bonus: Visualization

If you are inspired to step into this experience and dedicate yourself, then join us and a courageous circle of women coming together that will support you in changing your life in beautiful and profound ways.

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Neha Hildreth Vyas is a spiritual advisor, relationship coach, and personal development consultant. She has an extensive background in psychology, education, and entrepreneurship. Her primary specialty is in helping others cultivate authenticity, empowerment, and presence in their lives and in the world.

Neha grew up between two worlds, East & West, spending a significant time in India throughout her life. Her spiritual background was ever present from her familial roots, though it was over time and through a major illness that she learned to place it more centrally in her life. She is devoted to her own awakening, to her conscious partnership & marriage, and to supporting others in awakening to their truth, beauty, and light.  

Neha has an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago and an MA in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing from the University of Santa Monica (USM). She was named Student of the Year in 2010 at USM. Neha also has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, in addition to a Minor in Psychology from the same University. 

Jennifer Herrera is an integrative coach, a spiritual mentor and a facilitator of women's circles. Jennifer has been studying psychology, spirituality and leadership for over 25 years. Her insatiable curiosity about the human experience along with her 18 year career in corporate leadership has served to develop and hone her ability to inspire others, to facilitate growth and to encourage the listening of our Soul.

Jennifer is especially called to curate and co-create experiences of connection, healing and celebration with and for women. Jennifer is the founder of This Girl That Girl and The Contemporary Woman's Mystical Path, both of which are inspired and open-hearted spaces for women to come towards one another in loving service to each other's healing and expansion.

Jennifer completed her MA in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in 2000 and returned over a decade later for an additional year of training in Consciousness, Health, and Healing in 2014. A devoted yogi she recently completed her 500 hour yoga teacher training with YogaWorks. Jennifer also holds a BA in Law & Society from UC Santa Barbara.

In service to our mission of supporting women and feminine empowerment, we are donating 5% of all proceeds from The Sacred Feminine Circle to two local organizations (local to where both of us, Jennifer and Neha, live): Sojourn and Peace House, Inc.

Since 1977, Sojourn became the second shelter for victims of domestic violence to open in Southern California. They continue to be the main provider on the westside of Los Angeles. Sojourn services include a 24-hour hotline, The Crisis Shelter, Adams House, children's programs, community education, court advocacy, and support groups.

Peace House is a charitable organization dedicated to ending family violence and abuse through education, outreach, support services, and shelter. It provides a safe haven to women who have experienced domestic violence.