Creating a Community of Souls

Curating and creating a space for women to shine, empower, and encourage one another has been close to my heart since 2007.  As I was hitting my own ceiling of fulfillment in my executive career, I began wondering why I was really here and what I was meant to contribute with my life. I began visioning and conceptualizing ideas with my first coach while living in Manhattan.  In 2011, the name This Girl That Girl just came to me while on a hike (where I tend to get many of my best ideas).  The purpose of This Girl That Girl is to curate, co-create and hold a space of true inspiration and loving acceptance of every woman and every girl on her path.  

We seek to meet, interview and share the stories of every day women and girls in their lives. There are plenty of places to hear about the success stories and we celebrate those too.  However, our heart is focused on highlighting and encouraging those in the midst of their lives; those courageous Souls currently in the midst of creating their dreams.  Perhaps they are not quite where they desire to be and yet they are learning and growing so much and are open to sharing their journey.  We know these are the stories that need to be told - not only as an acknowledgment of their path but also to call forward the rest of us who could use some reminding and inspiration to stay the course.

ThisGirlThatGirl is a media enterprise devoted to celebrating the Beauty, Radiance, and Authenticity of every woman, every girl.  

Your engagement, curiosity, and insights are encouraged. will go live very soon. In the meantime, please follow our journey on Instagram @ThisGirl.ThatGirl and our Podcast at

We are currently seeking writers, photographers and artists to contribute. If this speaks to you and you are called to share your gifts and be a part of building this movement and gain exposure too, please email: