cultivate a listening within


Jennifer is a devoted encourager of the Soul.  Be it the soul of the individual, the team, or the brand, her attention is naturally interested in the unique path or message of each. 

With twenty years in customer facing businesses, leading teams, building and growing brands and experiences, Jennifer has developed a keen awareness and compassionate attunement to the core of an individual or the unique purpose of a brand.  She is deliberate in her curiosity and commitment to bringing that into the light.  

Jennifer has always been drawn to the complexity of the human spirit and how that affects everything we experience.  Whether in relationship, business, or interpersonally, the experience (what we see, feel, or hear) is dependent on the person, the team, the leaders, and the place from which they are coming.  In this space, where some may retreat or perhaps avoid, Jennifer studies, finds diamonds, and carves the path of connection.