I have had the privilege to do work that really matters to me.  

I grew up in direct-to-consumer retail with brands like Banana Republic, The Gap, American Eagle Outfitters, and Sony Electronics and I have a passion for creating one of a kind customer experiences that only occur with a clear brand message and through an engaged, valued, and empowered employee population. 

I love playing in the retail space and I appreciate the purpose and energy of product and commerce.  It became my art, curating and connecting the dots to support brands in sharing who they are and serving their customer. Concurrently, it provides a dynamic playing field for individuals to learn, grow, and prosper. 

At a young age, with a natural and endless curiosity about human behavior, I was motivated to begin reading and studying thought leaders like M. Scott Peck,  Marianne Williamson, and Stephen Covey.  They along with Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Simon Sinek, Jonathan Fields, among others, I found my tribe and my inspiration.  

I am inspired to continuously learn and support the understanding of the human psyche and how that effects everything that goes on in the world. Through various coursework, most recently a Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing, I have devoted myself to the evolution of my soul.  

What does this really mean?

It means I care a lot about respecting and honoring my life through my choices and actions.  It also means that I care a lot about people and being a positive, engaged, and loving voice in the world.  And it's my natural calling to be a developer, a leader, and sometimes just a quiet reflection that we all have the ability and capacity to expand beyond who and what we think we are.  

My innate empathic intuition, my ability to encourage others to walk their path, and my commitment to compassion, uniquely provides me with the ability to serve in this way.  Whether working in a one on one coaching relationship or consulting and advising a team, brand, or business, this is how I show up.

If you are curious to know more or to learn how we might work together, please connect with me.